When I’m Ready: January 2020

Happy New Year!

Hope that the start to the year has been a good one you’re all well and looking forward to this new decade. Time has flown by and it’s been a good while since my last blog so what better time to give you an update than at the start of a new year.

So, what’s been happening? Well, the summer months were taken over with other Voices from Care Cymru responsibilities. I delivered a few regional groups and spent July and August either immersed in a mud – attempting a mud assault course – dodging laser tag, dry slope ski-ing and finally a little more relaxing, watching a film and eating pizza! The regional groups were fantastic and really well attended, but it did mean my time was drawn away from this project. However, I still managed to fit all of this in between September and December 2019:

· When I’m Ready Conference

· When I’m Ready film

· When I’m Ready South Wales Social

· Foster carers awareness training

When I’m Ready Conference – September 2019

So, in September 2019 we held the first EVER conference with a sole focus on When I’m Ready. We invited young adults, social workers, personal advisors and foster carers from all over Wales to Llandrindod Wells in mid Wales. This conference gave When I’m Ready its own platform and gave all the attendees the opportunity to understand our project, take part in workshops and discussions about When I’m Ready. It was a great day and something we hope to repeat towards the end of this summer. Watch this space for further details.

When I’m Ready Film

Some of our young people have produced a film, providing an insight into When I’m Ready from the perspective of those at the heart and centre of the scheme. Our young producers did an amazing job and you can watch the film by clicking on this link: When I’m Ready Video

When I’m Ready Social – October 2019

Although it wasn’t very well attended, those that did come along had a great time. In October we went for a meal, following 2 closely fought ten pin bowling matches! We had a lovely afternoon and I’d really love to do this again, so do get in touch if you’re interested in coming along and trying to beat my bowling score! This project isn’t just about consultations or viewpoints, but about building a community – developing friendships, support and guidance.

When I’m Ready: Foster Carers Awareness Training

I have developed a module of awareness training, aimed at Foster carers. This awareness session gives them a greater understanding and insight of the scheme from a care experienced perspective. I’m hoping it will support foster carers to make a decision based on the relationship they have with the young person, not focusing on the protocol and financial aspects.

I delivered this in November to eight foster carers and two social workers in Cardiff Bay, with the support of two of our amazing members. One with When I’m Ready experience and the other with foster care experience. It was really well received and having that “lived experience” throughout the session gave the carers a greater understanding of When and I’m Ready and the care journey.

I will be reviewing this training and NEED your help. I want to share the training and hear your feedback and views to help make this training even better. I will be delivering a consultation at the beginning of March 2020, so please, please get in touch if you’d like to make a difference to how foster carers view When I’m Ready and the care experienced journey. Jane@vfcc.org.uk

Hot Topic – Decision Making

Really interested to know your views on decision making. How was When I’m Ready introduced to you? Did you have a say? Did you fully understand the scheme before agreeing to it? If you didn’t agree to it, what happened next? Please get in touch: Jane@vfcc.org.uk

That’s All Folks

That’s in for now, except my standard plea for anyone with When I’m Ready experience to please get in touch. Your views are so important to the progress of this project. It also gives you a platform so that decision makers can understand your experience and we can influence some positive change.

You can also attempt to beat me at bowling!

Jane@vfcc.org.uk OR 07958 669 529 / 02920 451 431 OR message me on our Facebook page.

Yours, when you’re ready, Jane x


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