Wellbeing Service

Voices From Care Cymru (VFCC) provides a Wellbeing service for young people who are care experienced (have been or are being looked after in Wales). This is generally individual support given by our Wellbeing Team on a wide range of problems, issue and concerns that effect many young people who have been in care.

As part of the Wellbeing service, VFCC provides independent advocacy for care experienced young people who need support so that their voice is heard on issues that are important to them and affect them directly.

Who comes to Voices From Care Cymru for Wellbeing support?

Children and young people under the age of 18 who are still in care, or perhaps living at home or with relatives but have spent some time in care. These children and young people approach Voices From Care often about decisions being made about their lives, contact with family, bullying issues and other issues regarding where they live and social work involvement.

Young people who are getting ready to leave care or have just left care. Issues we deal with relate to education, housing, homelessness, benefits. Many of these young people are concerned about their entitlements and about the planning being undertaken for their future.

Some young people want more information about what has happened in their lives we can assist people to access their Social Services' files and are available to talk through issues. The service also has access to counselling sessions.

These are just some examples. The service is very friendly and we try to keep close contact to get issues sorted. Our Wellbeing Team will listen to your problem, give advice on what your options are and then help you to contact and see other agencies if this is needed.

We are very much about working with you. We believe that with a little bit of advice and support from people who understand what you are going through is the best way to help you get your issue sorted.

Our Wellbeing Team

We have two workers in our Wellbeing Team.

North Wales – Our worker in North Wales is Sioned Warren. Sioned can be contacted at

South Wales – Our worker in South Wales is Lucia Sivori can be contacted at