Mission & Vision

Voices From Care Cymu exists to improve the lives of care experienced children and young people in Wales by being an independent voice for the care community. The things we value are:

Being Young-Person Led

Everything VFCC does is guided by care experienced children & young people. Our Board of Trustees is split between young people and professionals and we regularly consult children and young people on issues that are important to them.

Equality For Everyone In Care

We believe that care experienced children & young people should have the same chances and opportunities as their non-care experienced peers. They should not have to face stigma, discrimination and barriers in life because of their care experience.

Creating A Care Family

VFCC provides the opportunity for care experienced children & young people to meet, grow, learn and develop long lasting friendships.

Being Aspirational

VFCC wants care experienced children & young people to be everything that they can be. We want to inspire them and nurture their potential.

Celebrating Individuality

VFCC is a unique organisation and we recognise and celebrate the individuality and diversity of the children & young people we work with. We see that the different backgrounds, experiences and views of care experienced children & young people help us to develop as an organisation and better represent the wider care population.