Proud Poetry Workshop

It’s not every day you get to be a part of history. History doesn’t always need to be about conflict, empires or betrayal. Indeed, no conflict, empire or betrayal could take place without a certain degree of creative thought and input; and that’s exactly what we’re talking about here today, creativity, specifically … POETRY!

Poems have the amazing ability to effect all sorts of changes within the human experience; our understanding of the world and our existence distilled into a few words, carefully arranged and presented as a timeless capsule of consciousness. How wonderful!

We’re not averse to a little creativity here at Voices from Care Cymru and, following on from our poetry workshops at our annual Proud To Be Me events and speaking of wonderful, we wanted to reach out to those who attended Proud and to all members who couldn’t make it to help us decide what poetic message should adorn the walls of the Voices basecamp?

During our Proud to be Me events in Llanrwst and Cardiff our young people and supporters wrote some amazing work and we’d like you to decide if one of these poems best represents the feelings of the group on the day. That way we can, collectively, preserve a little bit of creativity and so, create a little bit of history.

We’re also keen to hear from young writers out there who might want to submit a new piece for consideration. Here’s how it’s going to work…..

NOW – End of April

1. You select the poem that best represents your feelings around your care experience, you can select by commenting which you feel best represents your experience of Proud or indeed, of care.

OR 2. You create a new short poem including some of the following words and submit it before May 1st. You can send your wonderful words to!

1st May
Voices from Care Cymru will announce the piece felt to be most reflective of the Proud to be Me events and we’ll get it onto our large wall canvas for EVERYONE to see!

So, get considering, get selecting, get writing get involved and….remember – it’s your voice,

Set it free!

#1 untitled
Your future is great but will be the greatest
You need to realise that you have support
If you are not stable just think about your happiest moments

Bright Future

Just because I’m in care
It doesn’t mean I have a black future
Some Days I can be at my worst
and other days I can be at my happiest

I’ve fought many battles,
with only my mind to guide me.

Each problem I’ve experienced,
negative, neutral or positive
I still thrive for my future,
even if I’m scared of what’s to come.

The support I’m given
gives me a stable view on where I want to be
So no matter how lost I feel,
I can always repeat my steps,
and see how far I’ve come.

I’ve survived, many things,
and I’m not giving up just yet.

#2 untitled

We challenge stark circumstances
We experience diversity with resilience
We emphasise pride

Time will do

Give me time,
and I will come around
I might seem unapproachable,
but I promise I can be fun,
if I tried

Somethings I’m scared to repeat,
but I have to face change
no matter how much I may hate it

I only ever hold my breath,
to save myself from drowning.

#3 untitled
Now without negative thoughts
We are positive, happier and we thrive
With support and care
We have risen to greater and more stable lives,
which outweighs the negative past.

#4 untitled

Without negative care
We have now risen

With positive stable support
We can outweigh the negatives

We thrive, we are happier
We are the greatest

#5 untitled

Curtains forcing their will
against the wind,
Children sleep, exchanging
dreams with seraphim.
The City drags itself awake on
Subway straps; and I, an alarm,
awake as a rumour of war lie
stretching into dawn unasked
and unheeden

#6 untitled

Positive stable support is
really important for care
experienced young people
for a brighter future which outweighs negative emotions.

#7 untitled

To improve results you have to
change the system.
The difficulties are sustainability
which are hard to achieve

With unrealistic targets for
care experienced young people who
have experienced difficulties
And are vulnerable.

Young People do achieve, with support,
quality happy futures.

#8 untitled

If you support care
The positives outweigh the negative
We have now risen

Without negatives we’ll be happier.
We’ll be the greatest we can be. Stable and thriving.


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