Challenge Wales – October 2018

This October another group of young people took part in a Challenge Wales residential voyage. One of our members, Josh, tells us about his experience.

Hello my name is Josh, I’m 21 years old. This October I went on a residential with Challenge Wales and Voices From Care out to the Bristol Channel. I learned how to change sails, drive the boat and turn the boat which is known as tacking.

I think the whole experience made me feel good about myself as it was an opportunity to clear my head and learn new things. It was a four hour journey there and back to the Bristol Channel from Penarth in Cardiff which was really tiring but entertaining the same time! I met a variety of different people including the crew who work on the boat, who I thought did a great job. I think the proudest part of the experience for me was helping to look after the boat as well as the crew. I even learnt how to cook!


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