5N1V Summer Camp 2018

Voices From Care Cymru joined the other members of the 5N1V Alliance for their annual summer camp. This year the camp was hosted by Who Cares? Scotland. One of our members, Brittany, tells us about her experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed Struan summer camp this year! I made so many new friends and gained so much confidence from the experience. I had the confidence to speak in public and not get nervous and flustered but instead actually enjoy it.

I loved travelling to Scotland and meeting new people from all across the UK who have also experienced care. Everyone was so welcoming, kind and warm to me which for me is what made the experience so positive.

It was lovely to see and hear how positive everyone was about their future despite not having the best start in life. I loved hearing people’s reflections every night and how positive they were and how eager they were to help others.

This experience taught me just how kind other people can be and that experiencing care doesn’t mean your future won’t be positive. If you want your future to be positive then it will be!


Our young people had a great time making memories and new friends at this year’s camp and got the opportunity to meet First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon. This was a fantastic experience and we are already looking forward to Summer Camp 2019!


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