Our Strategy

Voices From Care Cymru (VFCC) is young person led, which means everything we do is guided by what care experienced young people tell us.

Every three or four years we review the work that we do as an organisation and plan for the future, we call this our strategy or our business plan. in 2019 we asked our young people what was most important to them and what should VFCC be working on. They gave us five strategic themes:

Here is a summary of our plan for 2019-2023

Our Community


We seek equality; fighting stigma, loneliness and discrimination by empowering the care experienced community to drive improved outcomes for care experienced young people

We aim:

  • To bring together the care experienced community by connecting with young people, partners and other communities, combating loneliness and creating positivity.
  • To explore the meaning of being a part of the care experienced community in Wales
  • To provide opportunities for care experienced young people to influence decisions that impact on our community

Our People


We provide care experienced children and young people with a dynamic and flexible service that focuses on supporting positive wellbeing.

We aim:

  • To provide one to one support for care experienced children and young people from across Wales, improving upon their wellbeing & aspirations
  • To create spaces for our care experienced community to build positive relationships and improve their wellbeing
  • To provide the care experienced community with meaningful information on how to access their rights

Our Organisation


We are an ambitious and values driven organisation, with care experienced young people at its heart

We aim:

  • To utilise media and communications channels to provide a voice for the care experienced community in Wales.
  • To maintain a sustainable organisation supported by sound governance, financial and business practice.
  • To secure a diverse funding portfolio, to deliver quality services for our care experienced community based around our values.
  • To ensure we are a flexible, inspirational and dynamic organisation

To request a copy of our latest strategy please email Tim at bsm@vfcc.org.uk