Berlin Adventure

Hi Everyone:

As many of you know from my previous blog, I am young person who left care just over a year ago. Some people think that when you're in care you don't get many opportunities travel, go on holiday or experience different cultures. Happily, I was one of three young people who had the chance to take part in a work placement in Berlin where i learnt about their culture and how they live day to day.

When i was asked by Voices From Care and European Training Services to go I was excited but very nervous. This was my first time I had travelled to a different country and I only knew the 2 other who were with me.

The placement was for 3 weeks and I had planned on working an organisation who works with elderly people who have disabilities. However I changed my mind because working with the elderly reminded me of my Nan, who I care for back home. She suffers from disabilities herself so it just became to emotionally challenging, as I was thinking I should be back home helping her.

Instead, I asked if I could to work with the children in the youth club, were we were staying. Although this was also challenging, this time it was more of a fun challenge. The children and young people spoke to me in German and bits of English that I managed to teach them, sometimes I would talk to them in the bits of German they taught me.

I came back to Wales in April and I still look back on my experiences and im really thankful for it. I am still a volunteer at Voices From Care and I am loving every minuet of it. I am still in contact with many of the young people/staff that I met when I was in Germany and they always ask if I would ever come back and given the chance. My answer......... YES I would.

So my blog today is for any young person who thinks that because you are or have been in care you are not able to have opportunities like this. Think again, there are people and organisations who will try to give you opportunities. You can change your life I changed my life and you can do the same!!!

So please leave any comments or any questions that you would like to be answered and I will answer them.

Thank you.