Voices From Care's response to the recent development regarding the Waterhouse inquiry.

Voices from Care is the independent, national organisation that represents looked after children and care leavers and was a key organisation that campaigned for the North Wales inquiry into institutional exploitation of children placed in the care of Local Authorities and subsequently had legal representation throughout the North Wales inquiry.

In respect to the North Wales inquiry, Sir Ronald Waterhouse was instructed to conduct a public inquiry based on the terms of reference that were laid down for him, by the then Conservative Government.

Voices from Care believes that the inquiry within its remit considered key evidence that was brought forward and, to our knowledge, subsequently referred criminal evidence to the police and appropriate authorities. Of course, if further evidence has now come to light regarding prominent people within positions of power, this should be considered via the appropriate criminal processes. Additionally, subsequent to the Waterhouse Report, the Welsh Government has implemented recommendations that were put forward by Sir Ronald Waterhouse to improve safeguards of current looked after children, however vulnerable children should remain a consistent priority for Welsh Government and we must never become complacent to the potential dangers that pederast activity creates.

Deborah Jones, CEO of Voices from Care advises that "UK Central Government must learn lessons from the previous inquiry to ensure that never again will vulnerable children be put at the mercy of manipulative individuals."