#CareDay 2017


As part of our 5 Nations 1 Voice project, along with our sister organisations, Who Cares Scotland, VOYPIC in Northen Ireland, EPIC in the Republic of Ireland and BECOME in England, we are running our second annual CARE DAY.

In Wales we will be promoting young people's views and experiences through social media and exhibition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

We are asking care experience young people from across Wales to share their messages and experiences through photographing their answers to the below statements. We are hoping to create a visual image of what it means to be looked after in Wales and to inspire other young people all across Wales with your messages.

The Questions are:

I believe...

I love....

I will be...

My experience has taught me....

My message about care is....

Being in care means....

If you want to join in:

Download the attachements below

Write your #CareDay message on the any or all of the placards

Take a selfie, or get someone else to take a photograph of you, holding your placard like this,

The tweet the picture to @VoicesFromCare and use the hashtag #CareDay or email it to Christopher@vfcc.org.uk and we will post your message that will be joined together with care experienced young people from across Wales and the UK.

Your Voice Matters!!!



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