External Reports

Listed below are the some of the key pieces of research that Voices From Cares members have been consulted on.

Inquiry into Adoption- Welsh Government

The Children and Young People Commitee in the Welsh Goveremnt published an inquiry into adoption in November 2012. Voices submitted written evidence on the views and experences of our members.

When I am Ready- Welsh Government

Voices From Care were asked by the Welsh Government to develop a young person summery of the 'when I am ready' Consultation. The Consultation asks young people for their views of extending the age looked after young people can stay in foster care.

Lost After Care- Children's Commissioner For Wales

The aim of this publication is to give readers a flavour of what it is like to leave care and to demonstrate the experiences of young people who are currently preparing to leave care as well as those who have recently left care. It draws on the information we have gathered from young people themselves as well as drawing on reports and statistics produced by other key organisations.

My Planner- Children's Commissioner For Wales

The planner is designed to give young people in care help and advice at a time when young people are starting to think about leaving care. The planner is not meant to be read from cover to cover but it is meant to be a helpful guide created by young people who have left care themselves.

Missing Voices- Children's Commissioner For Wales

The Children's Commissioner for Wales has used their statutory powers to review the provision of independent professional advocacy for looked after children and young people, care leavers and children in need. 'Missing Voices', outlines the key findings and includes 29 recommendations for Welsh Government and local authorities.

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