Care Day Exhibition

Celebrate our 5 Nations 1 Voice Annual #CareDay 2017 with us tomorrow!

See  the Voices of Looked After Children & Young People from across Wales exhibited and celebrated at the Roy

Care Leavers Week 2014

I had a great opportunity alongside other Voices from Care members to attend and take apart in an event for Care Leaves Week 2014. I really enjoyed and learnt l

Breaking Free From The Darkness, A care leavers story.

"Breaking free from the darkness came when I took control of my life."

Weed the real story!!

Hi Guys, My name is Jay and I have used weed since I was the age of ten.

Berlin Adventure

Hi Everyone:

As many of you know from my previous blog, I am young person who left care just over a year ago. Some people think that when you're in care you don't get many opportunities travel, go on holiday or experience different cultures. Happily, I was one of three young people who had the chance to take part in a work placement in Berlin where i learnt about their culture and how they live day to day.

Laura's story x

Hi Guys

My name is Laura, I am 17 years old and have been in care for the past 10 years. Going into care was really hard because i had to leave all my friends, family and most of all my brother and sister. I have been in a lot of foster placements and only one permanent foster unit.