Who's Who

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees consists of 6 professionals and 6 of Voices From Care's members. The Charity trustees are the people legally responsible for the overall performance and decision-making of Voices From Care.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee not only aims to identify the main issues that young people face while being looked after and leaving care, but the group also provides guidance on Voices From Care's objectives and activities. This means that our Membership Committee has an active say future of the organisation. The Committee consists of 10 young people who are or have been in care in across the whole of Wales. 

Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Jones is currently Voices From Cares CEO. The CEO is responsible for the day to day running of the organisations. This involves developing and steering the organisations objectives, in addition to supporting our members on a wide range of issues and activities. Deborah is also the co-founder of Voices From Care and is heavily involved in upholding the rights and view of young people in care by representing these views on many organisational committees and boards. 

Advice and Support Manager

The Advice and Support Service offers advice and support to any child or young person who is or has been looked after. We can give advice over the phone, via email, by letter and face to face. Our team works to assist children and young people to have a say in decisions affecting them. We also offer emotional support so that children and young people can talk about their experiences and issues affecting them. We work very flexibly and in a way which suits the child or young person. Others are able to contact us on a child or young person's behalf if this is needed. If you would like advice and support from our team, please contact Carol on 02920 451 431 or at carol@vfcc.org.uk. Bethan also works with children and young people giving advice and support.

Development Coordinator and Officer

Our Development team works with our members on a day to day basis. This can be from working on personal development, delivering training, helping run events, visiting our existing members or going to offer our membership and talk about Voices From Care to new young people. If you are interested in becoming a new member or you are interested in Voices From Care's members delivering training to your organisation, then feel free to contact Chris at Christopher@vfcc.org.uk.

Corporate Services Manager

The Corporate Projects Manager is responsible for ensuring that all the HR systems and processes are up to date and effective. This includes ensuring that the over governance of the organisation is running appropriately.

Finance Officer

Our Finance Officer is responsible for the day to day running of the organisations finances. This includes making sure that all the financial procedures are kept up to date and in order. They then report to the CEO and the board of trustees.

Administrator & PA

Our Administrator and PA support to the CEO and makes sure the Office's day to day administrative activities run smoothly.