Our Services


Any young person, who is or has been looked after in Wales, is welcome to become a member of Voices From Care. As a member, you can be as involved as much or as little as you like. You can become a volunteer and help out with

  • training, 
  • attending events and conferences, 
  • help with our newsletter and other publications 
  • take part in consultations by having your say on issues that matter. 
  • Or, you can become a member just because you want to be listened to, It is totally up to you!!

Membership Committee

A key part of Voices From Care is our young person's Membership Committee. This committee runs alongside our Board of Trustees. The group's main purpose is to identify any ongoing problems that young people face while being looked after and when leaving care. These issues are then taken to staff and the board where Voices From Care lobby on the topic. The Members Committee is made up of young people who are currently in care and young people who have left care.

Advice and Support

We provide an Advice and Support service for young people who are or have been looked after in Wales. This is generally individual support given by our Advice and Support team on a wide range of problems, issue and concerns that effect many young people who have been in care. We are also able to offer counselling sessions for young people. 

Training Services

Voices From Care and its members provide a training service to organisations, agencies and universities on a wide range of topic relating the to looked after system and young peoples experiences. We believe that the experiences and views of young people who have experienced the care system in Wales are vital when providing training. This is why our member's help with the development and delivery of any training that Voices From Care provide. To make sure our members are ready to deliver training, we provide our own training on how to deliver training.

Research, Consultations and Campaigning

To make sure that we are kept right up to date on the issues that face young people in care and care leavers, we undertake our own research. We do this by asking our members to give us their views on issues, as we firmly believe the best opinions always come from people who have been through the system and experiences these issues themselves.

We also provide opportunities for our members to take part in consultations run by other organisations if the research has an effect on them. Voices From Care exists to improve conditions and outcomes for young people who are or have been looked after. The organisation actively campaigns around issues, which are of concern to young people.